apXCHANGE-MVS Monitor

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The following products are currently available from Cardinal Software:


  • apXCHANGE-MVS is a middleware request broker. It services send and receive requests from applications. As sends and receives are detected by the broker, they are matched and connected in real time. The APX broker is an OS/390 address space that enables Local MVS applications to communicate with each other regardless of program location or environment. Multiple APX brokers may cooperate on behalf of applications on different OS/390 systems. Windows/NT and Unix applications can communicate with any MVS applications by utilizing the MVS Gateway to access MVS.

MVS Gateway

  • The MVS Gateway is an MVS address space that is positioned between the TCP/IP network and the native cross-memory environment supporting standard APX calls. With the Gateway, applications on NT or Unix can communicate with ADS/O, CICS (TS2-transaction server 2), Natural or IMS applications (for example) as easily as calling invoking a subroutine.

apXPLORE-CICS (TS2-transaction server 2)

  • apXPLORE-CICS (TS2-transaction server 2) gives CICS command-level applications transparent access to other APX applications.


  • apXPLORE-IDMS gives IDMS applications (including ADS) full partnership in the APX network.

IMS Server

  • IMS Server enables DL/I RPC calls from anywhere in the network. Full UOW integrity is maintained. No mainframe programming is required. Cardinal provides a general-purpose DL/I RPC Server than works with any DL/I database. IMS Server uses APX and as its underlying IPC technology.

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