apXCHANGE-MVS Monitor


apXPLORE-CICS is system software that lets CICS transactions participate in the apXCHANGE network computing environment. In this environment, programs running in different systems can use apXCHANGE-MVS services to exchange data directly with each other. The programs can run on any system in an SNA network in which apXCHANGE-MVS is installed, including another (or the same) CICS system. Applications can run in different address spaces and/or different SNA-connected CPUs.

The apXCHANGE communication strategy provides:
  • Direct interactive program-to-program data exchange using a simple send/receive dialog.
  • A general-purpose programming interface that features in-line CALL requests that are efficient and easy to code. EXEC CICS LINKs are used in CICS.
  • Complete application independence from VTAM definitions.
  • Design flexibility that allows apXCHANGE services to be used in any programming or run-time environment.
  • High performance response and throughput.
apXPLORE-CICS allows transaction programs running in a CICS region to communicate with programs running in other systems. The programs communicate by means of simple SEND and RECEIVE (RECV) calls coded in each program. As an additional feature, apXPLORE-CICS allows programs in other systems to dynamically trigger the initiation of CICS transaction programs (this triggering is called spawning).

The basic apXPLORE-CICS configuration is discussed in detail, below. This chapter concludes with a discussion of the apXPLORE-CICS automatic task-spawning facility.

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